Outreach/Missions Ministry


Missions is defined as any ministry for which the purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ either indirectly through media like radio, MP3s or literature or directly through evangelism, discipline, and church planting, and aiding in their growth and development locally, in various subcultures in the United States, and overseas, recognizing the importance of meeting other human needs while carrying on these priority ministries.
The definition of outreach is synonymous with the above definition of missions.  However, since outreach connotes simply a general “reaching out,” at VHQCC this word gives a broader scope of the ministry, including any possible form of disciple-making in this culture or in any other.  Because in the minds of many people “missions” denotes only ministries of reconciliation in foreign or other cultures, outreach then is any missions endeavor which reaches out to person in the name of Jesus Christ beyond the congregation, the church facility, or the local sphere of influence of the church.