Deacon Thomas Hall

Deacon Thomas E. Hall

Deacon Thomas Hall serves as the Chairman of the Deacon Board, and President of the Pastor’s Aide.  He is married to Evangelist Teresia M. Hall who serves in leadership at VHQCC with him.  Deacon Hall is originally from Greenville, SC and currently resides in Jacksonville, AL.  Deacon Hall is retired from the United States Army, and the Calhoun County Sherriff’s Department.  Deacon Hall’s belief is that all should love God and serve him the way that He wants us to serve him.  Since Deacon Hall has given his life to God, he acknowledges that God is his light and his salvation.  God has truly continued to order all of his steps keeping him from the penalties of the power of sin.  Deacon Hall’s favorite scripture is 1st Corinthians Chapter 13 in its entirety.

Deacon Hall encourages us with these words about our Pastor:  “I believe in supporting our Pastor.  Pastor Gregory is our spiritual father, and he is concerned about every aspect of our lives.”