Adjutant Ministry


The word adjutant which comes from the Latin word “adjustare”, meaning to aid or assist is defined as a military officer who is an administrative assistant to a commander, an aide, a helping hand, a right hand man. The Adjutant Ministry is a service ministry of our church with the Pastor serving as commander. The Adjutant Ministry is a service ministry. Only those who have the mindset of a servant can serve effectively. He must have a servant heart and a serving spirit.

Members of the Adjutancy are:

  • Servants of God
  • Servants of God’s people
  • Servants of God’s leaders

The role of an adjutant should not be viewed in the negative or derogatory light, since serving is ministry. Jesus stated “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve”.

The Adjutant Ministry is for people of humility, a special dedication, and a mind to serve. The adjutant serves with no thought of recompense in word or deed.
For more information, please contact Deacon Eugene Copeland.